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The site is about cross-country skiing, cycling and endurance sports.  We do training and activities for the enjoyment of sports on all levels at any age in high spirit.  You reach us through:


 xcskicoach.com,  SunValleyMasters.com  &  jonengen.com


Personal Training 

Personal training and Training Plans can be as individual as people themselves. If you are interested in training and athletic improvement, please contact xcskicoach@cox.net to discuss prioritoies and options best suited for your needs.  We are not aiming to outline all activities and services in these pages.  


Sun Valley XC-Masters 2016  

We thank everybody taking part in the 2016 season!  
For additional training options and programs, please check view these pages and contact us.  We welcome everybody and especially encourage new participants to join us.  The SVM winter programs are open to all active men and women skiing for sport, fun and fitness. 

Personal Video Analysis

We are having great success with video motion analysis.  We collect film clips of your skiing and employ editing software in analyzing technique, alignments and motions.  You receive a film showing the assessment and more importantly methods and graphics on how to improve your skiing along with positive images of selected model skiers.  Please contact us for more info or check the Personal Training tab.  



The films capture up to four scenes/techniques in one skiing style, classic or skating.  Film clips in real time are broken down to slow motion and stills where overlays, visual effects, side by side comparison to efficient model skiers and an instructive narrative are applied to analyse your current skill set and providing specific improvement tasks.  The sessions cover personal hands-on, one-on-one training in the improvement work items.  The DVDs will play on your PC or TV/DVD and provide a good reference in your ongoing training. 

See additional options under Personal Training & Pricing and contact us for more details.  


Photo: Ian Harvey, Toko

Personal Training and sport programs by  jon engen  

We are offering training for cross-country skiers, cyclists and endurance athletes, specializing in performance improvement for adults and masters.  Our clients have various athletic backgrounds, personal goals, available time and training opportunities.  They range from persons seeking enjoyment and wellness to World and National Champions in their chosen events.
Jon Engen is
three time and dual sport Olympian and Masters World Champion of Cross-country Skiing.

www.xcskicoach.com * POB 3508* Ketchum, Idaho * USA * 83340 * email:  xcskicoach@cox.net

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